BizMedica Innovations, LLC is a management consulting and implementation firm that helps successful healthcare corporate leaders, physicians and well-managed companies identify, prioritize, design and achieve the next level of success. In order to meet the challenges inherent in today’s economic climate, change is not only necessary, it is imperative. In general, change goes against human nature. It is difficult to give up resources and control; reorganizing, reducing head-count, and cutting costs can create a backlash of fear and resentment that may affect morale for years—delaying the very success that the changes are designed to attain. BizMedica succeeds in this environment because we are “they”—the outside help that reduces the tension as we support morale and coach employees and management through the changes. As objectives are achieved and successful reorganization is accomplished, all credit is given to the employees, management team and leadership of the company.

BizMedica’s involvement can provide these measurable and sustainable results:

  • Implementation of strategic operational and performance breakthroughs.
  • Step-change performance improvement.
  • A legacy of success for leaders and their organizations.
  • Acceleration of future gains through learned behaviors and confidence.
  • Improvement programs that perpetuate because we do it together.

BizMedica Innovations, LLC works with clients to provide experience, tools and insights to address seemingly insurmountable industry and market challenges, making objectives achievable.

Our clients include major players in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology and Biopharmacology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical device and diagnostics companies.
  • Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Supplements
  • Homecare Services, Supplies and Hospices.
  • Laboratory, and Imaging Centers
  • Physician Group Practices, Clinics
  • Healthcare Systems, including government, educational, and private sect.
  • Distributors and distribution networks, IDNs, GPOs and others.
  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Insurance Companies, PBMs.
  • Hospital and Healthcare Systems/Networks.
  • Contract research organizations (CROs).
  • Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) Clients.
  • Community, Employer-Sponsored, Family, and Government Health Clinics.
  • Mental Health Facilities and Physical Therapy Services.
  • Diagnostic Imaging Centers & Mobile Imaging Programs.
  • Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Group Purchasing Organizations, Distributors, DME Dealers.
  • Government Owned/Operated Public Health Programs and Services.
  • Surgi-Centers & Ambulatory Care Centers.
  • Venture Capital and Investment Firms; Capitalized Start-Up Ventures, Turn-around Ventures, Investment Banks.

BizMedica’s approach energizes our clients for appropriate action. BizMedica reduces the time required to achieve improvements while creating an environment for accelerated growth and learning.

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